Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

use virtualized computers for your enterprise

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Companies today face a lot of IT problems from overcrowded workplaces with bulky computers and  slow run time to outdated softwares and virus attacks. The IT team is busy with making expensive software updates, removing the viruses, installing antiviruses and making one to one consultation to the IT need of every employee. The problem is bigger with companies with hundreds and thousands of employees. All of these costs a lot of money to the company.

The solution is VDI or virtual desktops. What it means is that one centrally host server runs all the computer in the office. Your bulky cpu is replaced by zero clients. Zero clients are small devices that connect on your machine that run on host computer or server. It means that you can make one software update at the centralized server or host computer and all your pcs are automatically updated. As zero clients last for a long time, your yearly replacements of computer also decreases saving you a lot of money.



Setting up new computers is as easy as plugging the parts to the zero clients and connecting them on host computer, You can use desktops from i phone, mobile or pc with same data and files from anywhere. You can login from pc and get access to your files. Your data, files and information all resides in the datacentre.You can create personalized architecture for all your employees that are safe and encrypted for them and at the same time it can be accessed from any computer. Your data are not saved on your hardware but on centralized server.

What this means is all your employees have their own login credentials and they are not limited to one static PC. If their PC breaks down, all their files are safe and they can access all their files from any other computer within their network by as simply as loggin in their credentials.

Every employee can personalize their operating systems and softwares they need. Like why give photoshop to those who don't need it ? You can actually control the clients and access.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) utilizes server hardware to run desktop operating systems and application software inside a virtual machine. Users access these virtual desktops using their existing PCs. This not only eliminates the need for workstation hardware upgrades, but also enables the user to switch between operating environments.

What’s more, VDI renders administrative and management tasks much easier, because every attached workstation can use the same image or file. Install OS and application software updates and patches to the one image, and every desktop system using that image is automatically updated and patched.There’s no need to upgrade numerous PCs .Instead of buying a raft of PCs that will be scattered around the office,you'll acquire one premium system with redundant power supplies, a UPS, high-performance storage, and high-bandwidth networking that will deliver capable hardware to all users equally.

When you encounter problems, you’ll generally have just one system to troubleshoot. Problems can generally be resolved from within the data centers. There’s no need to run out to the actual PCs. Since images and files can usually be accessed from any connected workstation, a user experiencing hardware trouble on their usual PC can simply go to another workstation and access their data and applications.

VDI is an awesome enterprise level technology. Green IT solutions provides you the virtualized desktops for your enterprise. There are many companies that provides you with the VDI technology. But we recommend Vmware for the virtualized desktops and servers.

Vmware horizon 7 is the latest VDI technology that you can adapt for your company.

Benefits of VMware VDI:

Technology improves how we conduct business and staying on the forefront at alternative desktop solutions that fosters companies to stay competitive in today‘s fast paced global marketplace. IT departments are migrating to unique platforms to centralize business through today's advance desktop technologies.

Cost savings

The kinds of cost that are optimized by the use of VDI are mentioned below:

  • Reduced IT support costs

  • Reduced Licensing costs

  • Reduced Capital costs

  • Reduced Upfront purchasing costs

  • Cost savings in terms of space in used in data centre   

  • Reduced administration and operating cost up to 70 percent

  • Reduced energy bill by 97 percent.

Simplified management

The VDI infrastructure has been simplified to make your life easy.

  • All updates in terms of both software and hardware can be made in the data centre.

  • Less downtime and increased productivity among end users.

  • Centralized and simplified backup of desktops. Laptops and other client access devices

Enhanced Security

  • Protected from Introduction of viruses

  • Data cannot be copied to a disk or saved to any other location than the server

  • Centralized processing makes It easy to manage and monitor the system

  • Simplify security, protect Intellectual property(IP) and  ensure data privacy

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is another benefit of VDI. It increases productivity by:

  • Systems can be virtually preconfigured, packaged and put into operation in minutes

  • By creating a dynamic and flexible IT environment with desktop virtualization, IT departments worldwide are simplifying their IT infrastructures and increasing their productivity.

One technology that has so many benefits. Get it now.