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It is crucially important for company of all sizes both big and small to invest in their storage technology.Every company deals with thousands of datas like customer information that should be kept secure and protected. Every company needs to invest in their data storage technology and the technology must be flexible enough to accompany growth.A proper storage solution not only reduces recovery time dramatically but also helps you  handle more workloads in a simpler and more efficient manner.

Efficiently store, protect and manage all your important data with our enterprise class storage solution.We bring to you NetApp as your storage technology to solve all your storage related problems.


Netapp is a storage and data management company headquartered in US with world class data management softwares. The credibility of Netapp softwares can be explained with this one fact that it is one of the fortune 500 companies with billions in revenue. NetApp offers software, systems and services to manage and store data products for similar uses. NetApp is purely a storage company, worldwide credibility and thousands of established clients. Customers all over the world choose NetApp for their broad portfolio of solutions for business applications, storage for virtual servers and disk to disk backup.


Scale your business because our storage technology will pace up with your growth. Our software store, manage,protect and retain your data in a cost effective way.We believe in simplicity, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our key benefits:

Data Protection

Trust that your data is always protected  with the industry’s best data protection software and storage solutions. Meet any law requirement with Continuous Availability, Snapshots, Backup Replication and Archive all while lowering cost and complexity.

Customer Support

We understand that a World Class Data Center requires a World class customer service experience. We empower you to make your experience more delightful by providing a wide-range of customer service offerings and support  that are personalized, predictive and created just for your business. Whether you want to upgrade your warranty coverage or personalize your support, you have access to all our technical experts through all platforms-online, mobile or traditional – to meet your needs.


Scale your business with flexibility

Scale your business because our technology adapts with your growth.The technology can adapt to rapid growth of your company while giving you cost benefits while your company grows. That is you save a lot of money on Data storage when your company scales.Scale-out technology is designed to give you low cost of entry, and a single scale-out system that is elastic, allowing you to manage massive capacities, and changes, with very few resources. The software defined model allows you to automate the configuration and deployment of IT services, delivering greater business agility and a more flexible, programmable approach to managing data services.


Scalability and cost effectiveness:

Data storage that can scale midsize to the largest enterprises and service providers, for instant application provisioning and high levels of service—at a fraction of the cost.

The volume of data and number of connected devices and services is growing at an unprecedented rate. In order to capture digital revenue streams, develop smarter products and deliver the improved experiences that customers expect, companies and IT departments need to undergo significant transformation.


Netapp E series storage system: Invest in your Data Infrastructure

Data management is a very important part of your business and must contain a major share of your IT investments.NetApp offers a world class storage system known as E series storage system containing E2700 storage system and E5600 storage system.

Netapp E series storage system is specially designed to accelerate your business and achieve outstanding cost efficiency.We have two different products for your business :E2700 and E5600.Choose the one that suits you better.

E2700 Storage system

Gain enterprise-grade reliability and support with our cost-effective entry-level block storage system designed specially for small and medium enterprises.Today, many SMEs and businesses with remote and branch offices requires new ways to manage growing data requirements with minimal cost and maintenance.These companies are tight in budget. We provide world class facility in a cost effective way that even small companies can adopt it. Consistent performance delivery is a necessity. Yet, managing data is increasingly more complex—especially with limited resources, space, and power.


Fig: E2700 storage system

The E2700 storage system is designed general-purpose, mixed-workload storage for small and medium-size organisations and remote or branch offices.NetApp E2700 storage systems have affordable hybrid price and performance with greater than 99.999% availability. You can choose from three systems – 4U/60, 2U/24 and 2U/12 – and three forms of connectivity: FC, iSCSI or SAS.The E2700 integrates with VMware®, Microsoft® Exchange and SQL, Oracle®, Splunk, Nagios, Puppet and Chef applications to minimise ongoing management and maintenance.


  • Gain best-in-class performance for database, email, streaming video and disk-to-disk backup/archive.

  • Reduce cost and complexity through a configurable, easy-to-use-and-install architecture.

  • Attain streamlined high performance with low latency and high bandwidth and IOPS.

  • Scale capacity just in time to support business growth.


The E2700 uses the robust, easy-to-use SANtricity Storage Manager software, a powerful and intuitive software interface. This enables performance efficiency, dynamic drive rebalancing, RAID management, intelligent cache and extended data protection including data replication and disaster recovery.


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Optimized for Performance Efficiency

The E2700 storage system optimizes price and performance to support any workload. High-performance file systems and data-intensive bandwidth applications benefit from the E2700’s ability to sustain higher read and write.


Maximum Storage Density

Today’s storage must keep up with continuous growth and meet the most demanding capacity requirements. The E2700 is designed for capacity-intensive environments that also require efficient data center space, power, and cooling utilization. The system’s ultradense, 60-drive, 4U disk shelf provides industry-leading performance and space efficiency to reduce rack space by up to 60%.


Proven Data Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

The E2700 is based on a field-proven architecture that delivers high reliability and greater than five-9s availability—often exceeding six-9s availability when NetApp best practices are followed. The E2700 is easy to install and use. It is optimized for performance efficiency and it fits into most application environments.

Intuitive Management

NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager software offers a combination of rich features and ease of use. Storage administrators appreciate the extensive configuration flexibility that allows optimal performance tuning and complete control over data placement.


All E-Series systems utilize “85% PLUS” power supplies, exceeding the EPA ENERGY STAR requirements of 80% efficiency.The modular E-Series storage systems can be deployed in tens of thousands of different energy-efficient configurations.

Application Integration

NetApp E-Series products are ideal for today’s standard application environments, such as VMware and Microsoft Exchange, and databases, such as Oracle databases, andMicrosoft SQL Server. It is also ideal for the growing open-source big data applications such as NoSQL databases, including Couchbase, Mongodb, Hadoop, and Splunk, and software- defined data center initiatives such as OpenStack and Ceph. The system integrates with any environment with its configurable Options.

NetApp E5600 Hybrid Storage System

Your enterprise relies on core applications that are critical to business success. To achieve success, you need business continuity infrastructure and continuous availability. To deliver value and reduce complexity, you must have proven storage

systems that work with your application software. Because your operations depend on these applications, they must have greater than 99.999% availability. To reach this goal you need proven storage purpose-built for hybrid storage environments.


Fig:E5600 storage system


So, optimize your enterprise applications by using the E5600 storage system delivers flagship storage performance. Designed specially for complex organisations making their IT infrastructure simple.The E5600 can meet your ever demanding: performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. The NetApp E5600 hybrid storage system supports high-performance mixed workloads, databases, file systems, data analytics and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications, backup, and archive—all with equal ease.

Get the highest levels of availability, integrity, and security by installing the enterprise level E5600. The E5600 system delivers fully redundant I/O paths, advanced protection features, and extensive diagnostic capabilities.


Combine these E5600 high-availability features with SANtricity® patent-pending Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) and thin-provisioning technology, and the result is a simple-to-deploy, simple-to-manage data storage solution.


E5600 benefits are:

  • Balanced performance designed to support any workload and growth

  • Flexible host and network interface options

  • Maximum storage density

  • SANtricity Remote Mirroring for proven data replication and disaster recovery

  • Modular flexibility through multiple form factors and drive technology options

  • Full-disk encryption

Key points(1).jpg


Dynamic Disk Pools

Dynamic Disk Pools eliminate the complexities of RAID management. With DDPs, there are no idle spares to manage and you do not need to reconfigure RAID when expanding. DDPs also significantly reduce the impact on performance following

failure of one or more drives when compared to traditional RAID.

A key feature of DDPs is the ability to dynamically rebalance data across all the drives in the pool when drives are added or removed. Unlike the rigid configuration of a traditional RAID volume group, which has a fixed number of drives, DDPs can flexibly accommodate anywhere from 11 to 384 drives, the maximum supported by the E5600 system.


Balanced performance:

The E5600 storage system continues the NetApp E series longstanding heritage of outstanding performance designed to withstand andy workload.High-performance file systems and data-intensive bandwidth applications benefit from the E5600’s capability to sustain high read and write throughput.


Maximum Storage Density

Today’s storage must keep up with continuous growth and meet the most demanding capacity requirements. The E5600 is purpose-built for capacity-intensive environments that require optimal space utilization and reduced power and cooling requirements. The system’s ultradense 60-drive 4U disk shelf provides industry-leading performance and space efficiency.

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