We do care about the value of time. Therefore, we provide an excellent opportunity that provides trainings for your IT staffs which will definitely hike the efficiency of your IT workforce. It is not just the trainings but a motivation, support and an inspiration that aids to the caliber of your IT human resources.

We offer training doesn’t mean that we are operating training institute. We provide in-house training and training on special demand so as to nurture our goals. We have a group of expertise who take care of the training session seriously. We have certified instructors who don’t only share the sheer knowledge but share their experiences as well.

Certification is another major key of the trainings. When the trainees undergo training then they are expected to take exam. In case they pass the test/exam, Green IT Solutions provides them with the certificate which definitely adds a milestone to their IT profile.

When it comes to training infrastructure, we have state-of-art IT laboratory. With promising tranquility we provide trainees with practical showcase. We conduct trainings based on international norms, values and standards.

Furthermore, our training is a combo package that allows viewing the major developments and up gradation in IT world. Get trained for excellence and expertise in order to get accustomed with development in IT world.