Database Management

Wanna reduce data management headaches?


Modern businesses produce huge amount of data  and these data needs to be converted into actionable insights in order to be ahead of the competition.Previously data needed to be transferred to another software for analysis. This consumed a lot of time to get desired insights or make changes to plans. Apart from time, it cost money to purchase and handle softwares and IT manpower.The traditional business intelligence tools only delivered insight to employees with desktop in front of them. With rapidly changing business atmosphere and more and more people getting on mobiles, traditionals BI tools with “desktop only” infrastructure became dangerous to the growth of any company. In today’s modern business environment, it is vital to share your data and insights with more and more people that are increasingly mobile.


Data security is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. Data breaches often involve the loss of credit card numbers or identity theft of employees and customers.This leads to loss of business, credibility and reputations with threats of potential lawsuits.In order to encrypt your data, you need to purchase a security software that is expensive and has  a  lof of drawbacks like complexity and ongoing maintainance. They need to be custom made and they also impact system performance. Apart from these, they do not encrypt data that are getting processed when it is most susceptible to attack which might cause a serious threat and loss.

The million dollar question is: IS YOUR DATA SAFE?


Microsoft “always encrypted” technology is industry first such technology that protects your data when it is at rest, while in use and  processing. It is  not only safer but also simpler and in ready to be deployed state. The data is safe and available to only those with encryption keys and not even employees with administrative access giving your data with best in the industry protection.With microsoft sql server, your data is “always” safe.

Microsoft SQL server 2016 provides you with mobile reports and insights whether you are online or offline , whether you are in office or anywhere else. Gain insights to your databases report wherever you are through end to end mobile business intelligence more conveniently and easily.

Microsoft sql server is the best data management and business analytics platform for any enterprise or organization.Previously SQL server 2014 was being used by companies and enterprises.A couple of  months ago,microsoft launched SQL server 2016 that is loaded with features and capabilities.Sql server 2016 is a secure,scalable database platform that has everything built in from better analytics to unparalleled in memory performance.

Five amazing features of microsoft SQL server 2016

We have listed five amazing features of microsoft SQL server here:

Amazing online transaction experience:

Online transaction has been a very important part of any business. Online transactions has replaced offline transactions for many companies and has been a major  source of lifeblood money for a lot of companies. Our SQL server database is designed with online transaction processing for smooth processing of online transactions without hampering scalability and performance.


Microsoft SQL server 2016 is secured with “always encrypted” system to protect your vital information.We understand how important your information is to you. Customer information must be protected and security breach can cause serious loss of credibility and goodwill apart from laws and regulations.The SQL 2016 database is inbuilt with multilayered protection with proper encryption along the way making your database least vulnerable.

End to end mobile business intelligence(BI):

The new sql database is built for mobile devices that is you can get real time insight on any devices be it laptops or mobile. The mobile business intelligence commonly called mobile bi helps you to reach to greater audience and makes analysing data easy and sharing these insights  easier.

Advanced analytics:

The microsoft SQL server 2016 is designed with inbuilt advanced analytics. Now you can analyse data in real time directly with SQL database without moving the information and data somewhere else for analysis. This saves you time and money. So save your precious money on extra softwares and use the inbuilt analytics to analyse the data and convert them into useful informations.

From on premises to cloud:

Cloud technology plays an important part in business and scalability of any enterprise.Getting on cloud is vital for better efficiency and undisrupted growth.It gives you a competitive edge over your competiotors and rivals.Being on cloud provides an oppurtunity to build better buisness values and is designed for modern business. Leverage technology to make your business more reliable and better performed with inbuilt application to get consistent experience across all server.

Optimized for scalability:

Growing should not be  expensive. It should not cost you a lot of money. Whether you need more performance or more features, everything is cost optimized for your business. You grow. we grow with you.SQL Server 2016 is designed to deliver an end-to-end data management and business analytics solution with mission-critical intelligence. Built into the software are end-to-end mobile business intelligence on any device, in-database advanced analytics, in-memory capabilities optimized for all workloads, and a consistent experience from on-premises to the cloud.

ONE of  microsoft’s happy client :

NASDAQ OMX Group is a leading global provider of financial trading services, exchange technology, and market insight. Every year, it adds more than 500 terabytes (TB) of uncompressed data to its archives.The volume of transactions and data that NASDAQ OMX manages is impressive. When markets open, the company processes more than 1 million messages per second.Only the US option handle more than a billion transactions per day and stores multiple petabytes of online data.

When their previous solution could not match up with their growth, they like many other companies switched to microsoft SQL server 2014 for its database management.

If such a huge company like NASDAQ OMX  can trust Microsoft SQL database with such a huge amount of data, why cannot you safeguard your datas with Microsoft??