Who We are

Green IT Solutions is the pioneer in introducing the latest developed technologies in Nepal. With endless and infinite possibilities, we showcase an extravaganza of techno revolution. Shaping creativity and job with an appropriate technology is our mission. Since the inception of our company, we are highly dedicated for the implementation and configuration of technology hardware and software. We are in partnership with the renowned excellent global technological brands in the world.

Run by the experts, we serve with an optimum level of professionalism.

Green IT, the very nova concept in the town to make computers and technology environment friendly is designed for less input and huge output. Going for green reduces the power consumption and positively manipulates the performance of the machine. Here we present the technology that cares your desire and serves you with optimum possibilities having a focal point at minimization of impacts to the environment.

If you are worried about the space, cost and performance of your techno machine then the best option would be the Green IT. The Green IT converts your techno machine to stronger, faster and easier tool that intakes less and outlets more and for everyone’s surprise there will be negligible impact on the environment. All the way, it’s time to tune in green. We make your thoughts greener.

Green IT Solutions caters the needs of its client and is capable of availing with the services that our clients prefer. Moreover, we have a pool of IT resources that are capable of materializing the IT dream of everyone. We work vividly in various dimensions of IT with sharp insights and experiences in the field.

We have already availed with qualitative services to many of the renowned companies in Nepal and still endeavoring our best in creating valuable and faultless IT infrastructure and environment for many of the national companies.

We have QRT (Quick Response Team) to trouble shoot and look after your problems. Our team comprises of the veteran professionals in this field.