Business Continuity Plan

One click disaster recovery

"Keep your business on even when the disaster strikes."

Companies today both small and big faces a huge threat from natural and manmade disasters.These disasters can cause losses from few hundred thousands to millions.In the midst of huge corporate competition, these losses are not even to be considered.These threats are basically divided in two categories:


  • Natural threats: Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages

  • Manmade threats: Hardware failures, application problems, OS errors, civil unrest, political crisis.


All these threats can cause serious downtime and create problems for your business.

Downtime can cost large businesses millions. A high profile bank lost 217 million due to downtime.Revenue is only the beginning of the loss. Apart from that, the loss of credibility and customer loyalty due to broken Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”) are among few things that cannot be recovered.Only large businesses can even survive this kind of loss. For smaller and mid sized  businesses downtime is not even an option.Sometimes even a short downtime is enough for bankruptcy for smaller companies.


So, the question arises: ARE YOU PREPARED FOR DOWNTIME??


More important question would be: IS YOUR BUSINESS PREPARED FOR A DOWNTIME??


According to a research, 87 percent of companies are not prepared for disaster and among those who are, most of them do not have a credible business continuity plan.

Don’t let downtime catch your organization off guard. An effective business continuity/disaster recovery plan can be the difference between business resiliency and business bankruptcy.


Why business continuity??

If you are still wondering why you should invest in business continuity plans, we have compiled a list of facts to help you make better decisions:

  1. In 2014, a global loss of 1.7 trillion dollars was reported due to data loss and downtime.

  2. Downtimes have reported losses over a millions per hour for large organizations.

  3. Service level agreements (SLAs) breach can cause serious lawsuit that can cost over millions of dollars.

  4. It increases customer loyalty and business credibility.



Royal bank of Scotland lost 175 million due to “system failure” and downtime. This was followed by a SLA lawsuit of 56 million pounds for letting down customers.Some so called 6.5 million customers in the United kingdom  were affected by the downtime.The recovery cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars and not surprisingly it also affected their share prices.


Don’t let this happen to you.


All this could have been prevented if RBS had invested in their IT infrastructure and business continuity plans. You can save all this being proactive on your IT security.An effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan can not only boost your business but also protect your business from bankruptcy. So, we bring to you Neverfail technology which is a leading company in IT infrastructure.






Neverfail is a leading business continuity lifecycle management software company that specialises in disaster recovery solutions providing disaster recovery infrastructure and process management at affordable cost.Neverfail has worked to make business continuity simple and affordable for those company who wants to protect themselves from disaster.Neverfail business continuity lifecycle management software monitors critical systems and automatically mitigates any potential threats. With Neverfail, customers around the world can benefit from enhanced infrastructure flexibility, decreased risk and cost, assured compliance and no user downtime.


Neverfail technologies is a leading company providing  IT solutions for data security and protection. We understand how important data is to your company. In today’s world, data is the lifeblood of any company. Customers data like personal information and credit card information are stored in the companies.These informations are very confidential and  breaching them can cause serious SLA lawsuits and fine.Neverfail’s  business continuity software packages prepares businesses around the globe to prevent downtime and protect them from disasters.Neverfail has over 2500 happy customers and with more than 20 years of expertise, it is one of the most trusted brand in disaster recovery and business continuity.


  • Scalable server, application or site migration in minutes at the push of a button
  • Keeps dependencies in place to ensure a successful server and environment migration

  • Replication between servers to ensure they share an identical persona and data set

  • Enables full testing the new environment, with the ability to easily revert to the original server

Fig: Neverfail solution with primary physical server and virtual HA and DR


Technology used in Neverfail business continuity management

Neverfail IT continuity architect and neverfail heartbeat failover engine-offer an answer to businesses that are in need of business continuity.Every business today depends on IT infrastructure to underpin its operation.Indeed , IT provides a competitive edge to your business.In today's economy, customers and investors use your system around the clock.Just like internal users, they expect your IT service to be highly reliable and dependable.The customers demand continuous availability of the business.Neverfail heartbeat failover engine was designed to keep users continuously connected to their critical application in the face of any threat to system availability.It's the a business continuity solutions that focus on reducing the impact of system downtime on end users and the applications that they depend on.In today’s complex IT environments, companies need products that provide simple solutions to complicated problems.Applications no longer reside on a single server. Neverfail engine guarantees industry leading rapid failover to keep businesses running.


Fig: Neverfail tertiary (HA within DC site with remote DR)


Heartbeat provides immediate, ongoing and other significant benefits:

  1. Keeps users connected to their critical applications. Heartbeat automatically monitors application health in realtime to identify and fix problems before they cause downtime.

  2. Protects complete applications.Heartbeat manages availability for all components of complex,multi-tier applications with integrated support for major Microsoft applications.

  3. Provides a single availability solution for physical and virtual platforms.

  4. Reduces bandwidth requirements for DR. Heartbeat cuts bandwidth needs by up to 80 percent with integrated WAN acceleration capability, making it easier to protect “big data” applications.

  5. Leverages existing investments in VMware vSphere infrastructure.Heartbeat’s integration with the vsphere management client, Site recovery manager and VMware HA extends the utility of these investments.

Scope of Protection

Neverfail provides comprehensive security against single points of failure to ensure that applications are continually running and operational for serving critical business services. These include:

Data Protection

ITCE ensures availability of application data as well as other file system data across all nodes within the ITCE cluster. ITCE can be configured to protect files, folders, and even specific registry settings of the Active server by mirroring them in real-time to the Passive servers. This means that if a failover or switchover were to occur, all files that were protected on the failed server would continue to remain available on the newly Active server after the failover or switchover event

Server Protection

Neverfail provides application continuity in the event of a hardware failure or an operating system crash. The Passive server actively monitors the Active server by sending frequent “I‘m alive” heartbeat messages to it and expecting an acknowledgement in return over a network connection referred to as the Neverfail Channel.If the Passive server detects that the Active server is no longer responding, either due to a hardware failure or loss of network connectivity on the Active server, it can initiate a “failover” task. During a failover action, the Passive server is enabled to immediately take on the role of the Active server in order to protect your business.


Performance Protection

ITCE proactively monitors system performance indicators to ensure that your protected applications are truly operational and are performing adequately to deliver on expected quality of service to its end-users.

Application Protection



Neverfail continually monitors protected applications and associated services that are running on the Active server. If any protected application should show failure signatures that indicate impending failure, or should the application suddenly fails software first attempts to restart the application on the Active server. If the application restart fails to remediate the application, ITCE can initiate a “switchover” task. A switchover action gracefully closes down any protected applications that are running on the Active server and restarts them on the Passive server.

Neverfail Business continuity software features:

ITCE provides total protection for critical business applications, ensuring 24/7 availability regardless of any threats to uptime. ITCE prevents application failure by proactively detecting application failure signatures.The key features and associated benefits of ITCE include:

1. Real Time Database replication(DR): Replicate your data the moment it is created. Our primary and secondary servers are located at two different locations, so that even if a disaster strikes an area, another is activated in real time and works till the disaster affected one is repaired saving you serious loss of revenue and goodwill. With Nepal being prone to earthquakes and other disasters, this is one investment that can preserve all your hard work and customer information.Thus disaster recovery is instant and your business remains protected.

2. Built-in Replication: ITCE’s built-in replication greatly lowers the threshold for data loss by

delivering near-zero RPOs. By working across heterogeneous storage or server hardware not requiring shared storage or depending on other storage replication software and being able to replicate application, registry and file system data, it significantly reduces overall costs.


3. Proactive Application Health Monitoring: ITCE prevents application failures by proactively monitoring application health in real-time and detecting patterns of degradation before a failure can occur. If such patterns are detected, automated remediation mechanisms are triggered to maintain application continuity.

Fig: Channel between primary and secondary server


4. Multi-tier Application Groups Protection: ITCE can coordinate expedited failover of any arbitrary collection of application components spread across multiple servers, especially in the context of site failovers, and recover them in designated priority order.


5. Built-in WAN Acceleration: ITCE built-in data compression and data de-duplication capabilities significantly reduce disaster recovery operational costs by reducing WAN replication

traffic and associated network bandwidth requirements by up to 80%.


6. VMware vSphere (HA) and vMotion integration:ITCE extends application intelligence and proactive application health monitoring to workloads running on VMware vSphere infrastructure by enabling administrators to configure automated remediation triggers associated with VMware vSphere HA, vMotion, Storage vMotion or enhanced vMotion actions,when application faults or degraded health conditions are detected.


7. VMware SRM integration:ITCE adds disaster recovery capabilities for physical machines within VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) by enabling synchronized virtual machine replicas of protected physical machines to be recovered during execution of VMware SRM recovery plan.


Benefits of using neverfail for database management:

Using neverfail for your data management has a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Lightning fast data recovery

  2. Reduced business risk

  3. Cost optimization on data storage

  4. Real-Time database replication and protection

  5. Reduced data management costs

  6. Faster backups archives


No matter what the size is of your business, you can always benefit from full fledged protection at an affordable price. Neverfail is platform independent and is flexible enough to adapt to company of any size making it cost optimized for future scalability and growth.The main benefit of Neverfail is that it can scale cost-effectively to meet customer demand. That is, it can adapt to the growth of your company.


Neverfail softwares is targeted to any company that deals with a huge number of customer information for whom data security is at utmost importance like

  • Banks,

  • financial institutions,

  • Cooperatives,

  • Multinational companies

  • Startups and other corporations.

If your company falls in any of the above category, NEVERFAIL is the right fit for you. Even if you are a small company and you are serious about scaling and growth then neverfail will help you do just that at an optimized cost.