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E-mails have been a part of corporate life for years. Corporate communication cannot be imagined without emails. Unfortunately , Email communication is getting more and more expensive. Expenses is only one factor. Today , people need the freedom to share information at real time and access to a lot of information from people they know and people they may want to know. This has put high pressure for security and compliance.With people across devices like mac,pc, mobile phones and tablets, the need for smarter email solution is more than ever.

Email has been the heart of all communication in corporates. Clients, investors and customers check their mail on their smart phones and this has put more pressure on the IT infrastructure. The email solution must also be flexible enough to adapt to the growth of company. With fierce corporate competition, business should be always available and their Email solution should be secure and flexible enough.

What do I mean??

Let’s take a case study:

Suppose Mr. A is the Ceo of xyz firm. The company started two years ago with 20 members. Mr. A adopted an online corporate email solution which cost him certain money per month per user. With 20 employees, it worked just fine as it cost him annually:

20*12* certain rupees per month annually.

But now, the company has scaled to 10 cities with 800 employees.If Mr.A still goes with his with traditional email solution, it will cost him:

800*12* certain rupees per month annually.

This is way too much expense on email solution. As you can see, the company cost on Email solution increases 40 times when company grows to 800 employees.

If you are finding yourself in a similar situation we are there to help. We have a perfect solution for your problem. The solution is Microsoft (Ms) Exchange server.

We believe growth should not cost you a lot of money. To solve this, we provide a product that will be suitable for your company which can adapt to scalability and growth. Ms. Exchange server is used by corporate houses all around the world including Nepal. For a one time cost, you can host this server on your premise saving you a fortune.

Another benefit is the database and backup facility. Suppose Mr.A hosts all his employees on a single database. If the database fails, all his company emails will cease. For this Ms. Exchange provide you with ability to create separate databases decreasing load on a single database and enhancing security and efficiency. You can create a database for the top administration, board of directors, CEO and investors. Plus you have the ability to backup these emails. Because these emails for this database is very important, you can backup these emails suppose every 2 hours. You can create another database for freshers and first level executives and backup their email once a year. The server gives you the complete control over the email solution.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendar service developed by Microsoft. It is Windows application software that only runs on Microsoft operating systems. Exchange is a microsoft solution for email. It is designed for scalability and growth. Ms. Exchange  is a world leader in terms of Email solution for corporate houses. As a email solution, Ms exchange dominates the market.

Ms. Exchange is designed so that you can use email, contacts and calendar at the same platform. Even if the network goes down, Ms. Exchange makes sure that you don’t miss your data or miss a email. For companies that work with thousands of clients and where thousands of emails are received, this is very important.

There are features like conversation view and  grouping together giving you the agility and convenience. Thjs gives you the benifit of less time organizing things and  more time getting things done.You can only click on the name and get their contact information like adress and numbers amd even their calanders details knowing appoinment informations.

Microsoft Exchange server 2016

We provide you the opportunity to host Ms. Exchange locally at your premise. We provide you with the Ms. Exchange server that you can host in your office that is cost optimized for your organization.Like most of microsoft latest technology, it is inbuilt  with better collaboration features and smarter inbox, it is the best email solution that you can get. Another benefit is that it is designed for mobiles. So that you can use it anywhere at anytime with any device enhancing your mobile productivity. Apart from that it is enhanced with simplified architecture and world class security and compliance.

The innovations in exchange 2016 is available on premise giving you the complete control over it.

Better collaboration:

With a group inbox, calendar and conversation, your teams can self-organize and keep work moving forward. Sharing files with the group is easy with OneDrive for Business. You can co author in real time and when a file is updated, all team members are automatically informed.Better file handling and simplified document sharing with more personalized and smarter inbox takes away all your email headaches.

Smarter Inbox:

You can view documents and conversations side by side. Now you can send documents as a share point link.The inbox is more personalized that helps you to be more focused. You can view all your contact list with only a click. The search is more faster and refined. You can search the calendar for appointments or events.You can send videos with inline link and the video goes to the receiver with a video peview.There is the benifit of video preview that is absolutely amazing.

Mobile productivity:

It gives you dynamic experience across devices like mac, laptop, ipad or mobile phones so that you can do more in less time. Exchange helps you be more productive by helping you manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices and work together more effectively as teams. With an inbox that focuses on the relevant and important messages and sets up rules that match how you work, you can get more done in less time.

Security and compliances:

It is designed with builtin world class security  and regulatory laws and compliance to protect sensitive datas.It is further backed with enhanced auditing and reporting.Protect your business with more simplified internal and regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Exchange 2016 enables your company to do more today and prepare your for tomorrow. Microsoft Exchange Server is, by large the most popular communication, collaboration and email messaging application today. Microsoft Exchange serves as the hub of all email communications in most corporate environments that use the Active Directory technology.

Your control over the server:

You have your choice of implementation. You can run the exchange server on your own site or have them hosted by industry leaders. Either way your information is protected by industry leading spam and security features. You get a reliable access to your email anywhere with any device. Exchange lets you tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures that your communications are always available, while you remain in control.You can host the server on your premises.


Exchange gives you the benifit of using calander services.this is one of the most important advantages of exchange.You can share your calander with your collegues, clients, coworkers and even  family and friends.They can see when  you are and are not available and make appoinments request .

Want to know how this applies to your company??

The main benefit is that the Ms exchange server is that it is cost optimized for your company.

We have two different packages for you:

  1. Ms Exchange standard

  2. Ms Exchange enterprise

Both versions have almost same facilities but suitable for different enterprises.

Standard version

Enterprise version

Suitable for smaller companies

Suitable for enterprises with large number of employees

Less cost of server

More cost of server but still affordable than online email solutions

Less number of databases can be created

Hundreds of database can be created

Choose a version that is more suitable for you and your company.