Active Directory Solutions

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Green IT Solutions provides the Active directory (AD) solution and  services to its prospect clients. We believe in telling the stories rather than just selling the stories. We apply the international norms, procedures and standards of AD services.

When we collaborate with the client, we perform proper analysis. We have a team of experts who will analyse your need and perform the AD service. This analysis is necessary so that you can adopt proper IT infrastructure and environment for your organization. With years of experience in this field and many big corporations as our clients, we can provide your company the exact Active directory solution that it needs.

So what is active directory??

Active directory is the directory is made exclusively for windows server. Active Directory has been the commercial market leading directory services solution for the past 15 years with over 90% of Fortune 1000 organizations using it. It’s clearly the historical market leader.AD’s strengths are its ability to authenticate, authorize, and manage Windows devices and applications. Through tight integration with Microsoft Exchange and the Domain Controller, users can effectively logon to the network and have access to whatever internal Microsoft resources they need. The only weak side of active directory is its lack of support for mac and linux.

Active directory is actually made for windows domain server networks.It is included in most windows server operating systems. Green It solutions provides service related to active directory solutions.

How does it benefit you??

It provides authentication and authorization mechanisms as well as a framework within which other related services can be deployed.

It is an LDAP compliant database that contains objects. The most commonly used objects are users, computers, and groups. These objects can be organized into organizational units (OUs) by any number of logical or business needs. Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can then be linked to OUs to centralize the settings for various users or computers across an organization.

What does that mean??

It simply means that you can control information that you share with your users and computers as well. That is all employees in the organization has a controlled access to information. There is a central database of information and each user has user id be created.Thus a user can login through their id and the management can decide the level of access that a  user has.This makes sharing of information easy and at the same time protects data.

once you install AD services, you life becomes a lot easy and better. AD allows for the centralization of user. It also permits the centralization of resource access and usage.AD is a boon for computer management.

A practical case:

Suppose you have 100 users in an office. If you wanted each user to have their own login to each computer, you'd have to configure 100 local user accounts on each PC.That is one user in one personal computer with no possibility of moving or sharing computers. With AD, you only have to make the user account once and it can log into any PC on the domain by default. If you are not using AD then if you want to harden security, you'd have to do it 100 times. Sort of a nightmare right?

Also imagine that you have a file, that you only want to share with half of those people to whom the information is relevant. If you're not using AD, you'd either need to replicate their username and passwords by hand on the server to give seamless access, or you'd have to make a shared account and give each user the username and password. One way means that you know users' passwords and have time to constantly update them. This task of controlling and updating password may seems small for smaller organizations but as your company scales, it causes a serious problem. This approach is just not suitable for large organizations with thousands of employees.

Another benefit of using AD is that you also get the ability to use Group Policy. Let’s take another example. Suppose you want to make it so that "Shutdown" isn't on the start menu for 300 PCs in your office, you can do that in one setting in Group Policy. Instead of spending hours or days configuring the proper registry entries by hand, you create a Group Policy Object once, link it to the correct OU or OUs, and never have to think about it again. There are hundreds of GPOs that can be configured, and the flexibility of Group Policy is one of the major reasons that Microsoft is so dominant in the enterprise market.

Now that you know all the advantages that Active directory has and how it can benefit your company, contact us now for Active directory solutions to be configured in your organization.Our team of experts are the best in the country for AD installation on windows server.They will cooperate with you and work with you to configure active directory on your windows server.