Network Monitoring

In the world of IT, it happens many times that failure to detect and understand the failure of the system and malfunction, a business comes to the brink of collapse. And this happens because of the negligence and ignorance about the network monitoring.

Network monitoring is important for the continuation of the IT operation. The primary objective of network monitoring is to monitor Systems/ports uptime and downtime, Application, Virtual Server, Environment, LAN, WAN, VPN, and multiple site and extensive logging events.

Networks have become diversified and complex. In order to ensure the smooth interaction inside and outside the networks it is indispensable to keep network monitoring.

Green IT Solutions provides network monitoring service with a visible technology that actually diagnoses the real problem with troubleshooting action. Similarly, this service offers a dynamic provision of ensuring the security of the network detecting the faults in the network and reporting the performance status of the network or the infrastructure.