IT Consultation

Green IT Solutions provides the consultancy services to its prospect clients. We believe in telling the stories rather than just selling the stories. We apply the international norms, procedures and standards of consultation.

When we collaborate with the client we help the clients in making the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats) analysis. This process enables our prospect client to adopt proper IT infrastructure and environment. Since, this is a primary process in setting up any business; it is must to know the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the desired IT infrastructure.

We provide consultation services for dual purposes. Primarily, we provide consultation for a Business Setup requirement and secondary we provide business continuation plan. Here, we clearly demonstrate our clients the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Since, running any business is not about just purchasing the required assets but to use them and maintain them so as to produce the services. Many titles come under TCO report like Depreciation, replacement, up-gradation, integration and so on. Thus TCO report approximately provides the overview of Cost that stands of the actual ownership of the business or for the continuation of business. Here also we keep in our mind about the cost reduction of our clients.

The purpose of any business is to earn profit. Simultaneously, it is inevitable to get return of the investment too. Therefore, we provide the ROI (Return on Investment) analysis to our client, which accurately predicts the time duration and the mode of the return of the investment. ROI is a scientific calculation based on certain and minimum assumptions and is capable of predicting the business output in minimum business operational standards.

Likewise, we have the CB (Cost-Benefit Ratio) in stock too. This analysis helps to keep and maintain the ration of earning the benefit and filling the tendency of Cost in any business.

When we get together in a business, we don’t leave you alone. Rather, we supervise your IT engineering, monitor your activities and evaluate them along with the prediction of the outcome. This is how we direct you the way of business continuation plan.

We don’t provide the suggestions or advice in words rather we provide them in transformational form of action. We have a storehouse of motivation, inspiration, support and encouragement. Keeping your morale high, we provide you the consultation services the way you want. For your each of the problem we provide a hypodermic solution.

We value your time and understand that time is money and motion is progress. Therefore, we don’t tend to exaggerate your precious time and even don’t tend to keep you stand-still. Nothing much to say, when you progress with us, we do the same with you.